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Luxury Lift-the-Flap Learners
Lift the flaps in these beautiful books to learn fascinating facts about the animals. Mid-Late 1st grade reading level.
Ages 4+ Measure 10 x 10 with 16 pages.
Titles Include: Creepy Crawlies, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Night Time, On The Beach (luxury edition), Pets, Sharks,
Under the Sea, Unicorns.
Price Each: $12.00
Lift-the-Flap Learners
This series of innovative flap books
uses the elements of discovery and
delight to inform young children about
the world around them. Ages 4+
Measure 8 x 8 with 16 pages.
Mid-late 1st grade level.
Titles Include: Animal Homes,
Nighttime, On the Beach.
Price Each: $ 9.00
Luxury Flap Books
Children will enjoy lifting the flaps in
these charmingly illustrated books.
Simply rhythmic text makes them a
pleasure to read aloud. Ages 3+
Measures 10 x 10 with 16 pages.
Titles include: Who's Making a
Mess?, Who's Making that Noise?,
Who's Making that Smell?
Price Each: $10.00
Picture Books
Beautifully illustrated picture books give you a look at our world from a small child's point of view.
Ages 3+ Measure 10 x 10 with 24 pages.
Titles Include:
The Butterfly, The Dinosaur, The Little Pony, The Rainy Day, The Snowy Day, The Sunny Day, The Windy Day,
In the Castle, In the Nest, In the Pond,
On the Farm, On a Pirate Ship, On the Moon, On the Seashore,
Under the Ground, Under the Sea
Price Each: $10.00
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Math Picture Books
A million is a very big number. But exactly how big?
Have you ever wondered how high the sky is?
Have you ever wondered how deep the sea is?
Pipkin the penguin wants to know..... Come with him
on a journey of discovery and find out for yourself.
Ages 4+ Measure 10 x 10 with 24 pages.
Titles Include: How Big is a Million?, How High is the
Sky?, How Deep is the Sea?
Price Each: $11.00
Picture Book Classics
This lovely classic is brought to life with beautiful artwork and simple, charming text. Ages 3+ Measure 10 x 10 with 24
pages. Titles include: Beauty and the Beast, Black Beauty, The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and the Three Bears,
Nutcracker, Pinocchio, The Railway Children, Robin Hood, The Secret Garden, The Snow Queen, The Sun and the Wind,
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Price Each: $10.00
Flip-Flap Body Book
Now you can discover the inside view of the amazing human body...with
the help of fantastic fold-out flaps. Find out what happens to the food that
you swallow. See how a baby grows in its mother. Take a look at how you
see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This volume contains three Flip-Flap
titles: What happens to your food?, How do your senses work?, and How
are babies made? Age 4+ Measures 8 x 8 with 48 pages.
Late 1st grade-early 2nd grade reading level.
Price $15.00
Stories for Little Girls
The five enchanting stories in this wonderful
collection will take you to magical worlds.
Explore Wonderland with Alice, discover life on
a farm, soar to lands of ice and snow with a
Nutcracker and a Snow Queen, or snuggle up
under a hedge with a little brown country mouse.
Age 3+ Measures 10 x 10 with 136 pages.
Price $19.00
Stories for Little Boys
A puppet, an emperor and a gingerbread
man are all waiting to tell you their tales, in
this exciting collection of stories. Ride back in
time for a castle adventure and take an
incredible journey right under the ground.
Age 3+ Measures 10 x 10 with 136 pages.
Price $19.00
Preschool Activities
These delightful activity books are specially designed for sharing with young childen. There are lots of ideas for
important skills such as hand control, coordination and concentration.
Fun art activities perfect for preschoolers, in a convenient spiral-bound hardback.
Ages 3+ Measure 10 x 11 with 24 pages.
Price Each: $13.00
Playtime Art
Children love drawing, but can become frustrated when their pictures do not turn out how they want. These
award-winning books are packed with attractive drawings of animals and people, with very clear step-by-step picture
instructions showing how to do them. Precise hand-control is not required, so even very young children will be able to
achieve some delightful results.

Cut & Stick is a delightful book bursting with appealing ideas for simple things to make from odds and ends at home.
The activities are explained with short step-by-step instructions and very clear pictures. None of the ideas needs
precise hand control, so even very young children will be able to achieve satisfying results
Each idea uses quick and easy techniques, ideal for little fingers!
Ages 4+ Measure 8 x 8 with 32 pages.
Price Each: $ 5.00
Big Book of Playtime Activities
This lively activity book is crammed with tons of ideas for
things to make and do. Drawing, painting and sticking
activities are made easy, with simple step-by-step
picture instructions that are easy for children to follow.
There are also fun number activities which will help
children to develop skills in counting, adding, taking
away and sharing.

The material in this book is also available in seven
separate titles: I can cut and stick, I can crayon, I can
fingerpaint, I can draw animals, I can count, I can add up
and Fun with numbers for a savings of almost $17.00.
Age 3+ Measures 8 x 8 with 224 pages!!
Price $18.00