MYTHS  Stories for Young Children
#511357 Aesop's Fables
Have you ever heard the story of the mouse
who saved a lion’s life? How about the
tortoise who won a race? Or the camel who
tried to dance? These wonderful stories,
told by an Ancient Greek called Aesop over
two thousand years ago, are beautifully
retold in this book.
Age 6+  Measures 9 x 11 with 96 pages.
Price Each: $17.00
#037256 Greek Myths for Young
This collection of the best-known of the Greek
myths has been carefully written to appeal to
young children who will find these stories of
gods, mortals and monsters irresistible.
Beautiful illustrations by Linda Edwards perfectly
capture each story and will bring the myths to life
for children of all ages.
Ages 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 128 pages.
Price Each: $19.00

#514518 Myths and Legends
This wonderful treasury is filled with tales of
magic and adventure, from brave heroes battling
fierce dragons to myths of how things
came to be.
Ages 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 192 pages.
Price Each: $23.00
#526832 Stories from Around
the World
Traditional stories from all around the
world are gathered here in this magical
collection. Tales of brave heroes and
heroines are retold alongside tales of
wonderful magic, of strange and faithful
creatures, and of how things first began.
Ages 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 127 pages.
Price Each: $15.00
#509255 Stories from India
Enter into a magical world of monkey gods,
brave heroes, ten-headed monsters and clever
animals. Their antics are brought to life in these
engaging retellings of traditional Indian tales.
Age 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 96 pages.
Price Each: $17.00
#514655 Stories of Dragons
Beware! Here lie dragons… some fierce,
some friendly and one that just can’t stop
Ages 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 96 pages.
Price Each: $17.00
#519155 Stories of Wizards
In the world of wizards, anything is possible, as
you'll find out in these stories. But be careful.
Meddling with magic can be dangerous. Enter at
your own risk ?
Ages 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 96 pages.
Price Each: $17.00
#520953 Treasury of Animal
Containing stories from well-known
authors such as Rudyard Kipling and
Aesop as well as traditional tales from
around the world including fighting crabs,
gigantic frogs and a polar bear's search for
home, all kinds of children are sure to find
a story that they will enjoy.
Ages 6+ Measures 8 x 10 with 96 pages.
Price Each: $17.00
Traditional folk stories, myths, and fables from many parts of the world encourage learning about different cultures.

#514662 Knights and Castles
In the magical realm of knights and
castles, dragons come roaring from the
sky, fair maidens fall under mysterious
enchantments and giants terrorize entire
towns. Only a brave knight, or perhaps a
plucky princess, can save the day.
Ages 6+ Measures 9 x 11 with 96 pages.
Price Each: $17.00
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