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Write and Reuse Workbook
Imagine your child clearly printing for hours! With this Write & Reuse
Workbook, it will happen. Printing Fun guides the development of
legible handwriting with easy-to-follow instruction and practice
exercises. These erasable pages include the proper starting points for
each letter stroke, plus playful illustrations and entertaining activities to
help make printing fun. Dry Erase Marker not included.
26 Pages   Ages 5 to 7
Price Each: $4.50
An Activity Zone Book
Can you find the cat, the candle, the carrot, the chicken and other “c”s in
the Cowabunga Island scene? There’s a hidden picture for each letter
of the alphabet so that kids can practice and reinforce beginning letter
sounds. And that’s not all. After the alphabet, there are more pages for
kids to develop their visual sleuthing, eye-hand coordination, counting,
and identification skills. From the Pumpkin Patch to the Campfire
themes, kids will search for word pictures hidden on each page of this
delightfully illustrated, fun-filled workbook.
64 Pages    Ages 5 UP
Price Each: $4.50

Grades K to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
Manuscript Writing guides the development of legible handwriting with
instruction and practice exercises. Pages include the proper starting
points for each letter stroke. Playful illustrations help make learning fun.
Skills:  printing letters; printing numbers; letter recognition; eye-hand
coordination; fine motor skills; vocabulary building.
64 Pages   Ages 5 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 1 to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
Skills:  beginning sounds;  ending sounds; consonants; long and short
vowel sounds; compound words; sight words.
64 Pages   Ages 6 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 1 to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
When your child understands and develops key skills, math can be
more fun and a lot less stressful. In this workbook you'll find hundreds
of math facts for fast, fun learning, with clear instructions and step-by
step examples for you and your child to follow. We developed this
workbook following the guidelines of Principles and Standards for
School Mathematics.  Skills: addition & subtraction in hundreds, tens,
and ones; fact families; regrouping; using a number line; place value
and order property.                64 Pages   Ages 5 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 1 to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
This workbook is a step-by-step guide complete with picture clues and
clear instructions that show your budding math whiz how reading and
math work together by solving interesting story problems in real-life
situations. Skills:  writing & solving addition & subtraction number
sentences; choosing the operation; solving money story problems;
using pictures, tables, and graphs; using calendars & clocks; using
logical reasoning; eliminating extraneous information; guessing and
checking.     64 Pages   Ages 5 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 1 to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
You can count on this workboook to cover coin values and other skills
pertaining to money. You can also count on being surprised at how
much your child will learn about time and fractions in this 64-page lively
skill-building workbook. The skills typically taught in Grades 1 and 2
are right here: counting and comparing amounts of money to 99 cents,
telling time by the hour, half hour, and quarter hour, plus identifying
halves, thirds, and fourths of regions and groups... and more.
64 Pages   Ages 5 to 8
Price Each: $4.50
Grades 1 to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
Deciphering and using written language is a process. Children must
develop both decoding skills (the ability to "sound out" words) and
comprehension to become fluent readers. This Reading Activities
workbook helps build skills in both critical areas.
Skills: comparing and contrasting; making inferences; finding the main
idea; predicting; drawing conclusions; rhyming; predicting; classifying;
analyzing; evaluating; sequencing order of events; reading
64 Pages   Ages 6 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 1 to 2
An I Know It! Workbook
Beginning Reading introduces your child to learning how to put
together sounds and letters to make words. Next, your child will learn
how to place them in sequences to identify and make sentences.
Skills: beginning and ending sounds; short and long vowel sounds;
recognition; sequencing; categorizing; sentence comprehension;
drawing conclusions; main ideas; word recognition; understanding
context; following directions.
64 Pages   Ages 6 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 1 to 3
An I Know It! Workbook
While discovering the meanings of vowels, consonants, combination
letters, words and blends, your elementary learner will be well on his
or her way to fluent reading and accurate spelling.
Skills: long & short vowels; consonants; blends; combination sounds;
same sounds; different sounds; letter combinations; contractions;
compound words; plural endings; prefixes and suffixes.
64 Pages   Ages 6 to 9
Price Each: $4.50

This Second Grade Basics workbook focuses on the essentials for
future success in school.   Skills: sentences; capitalization;
punctuation; parts of speech; exclamations; statements; nouns; proper
nouns; pronouns; verbs; present tense; past tense; contractions;
articles; adjectives; fact families; tens and ones; greater than/less than;
number order; regrouping; two-digit addition and subtraction;
three-digit addition and subtraction; tables; bar graphs; time; fractions;
hundreds, tens and ones.
64 Pages   Ages 6 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grade 2
Researched and written by a mathematics specialist, this workbook
teaches and reinforces the math skills second graders need most.
Skills:  addition; subtraction; fact families; place value; regrouping;
introduction to multiplication; tens and ones; count to 100; count by
twos; count by fives; count by tens; greater than; less than.
64 Pages  Ages 6 to 7
Price Each: $4.50

Grade 2
An I Know It! Workbooks
Fun puzzles reinforce word recognition, pronunciation, plurals, patterns
and correct spelling.  Skills: blends; plural; spelling; compound words;
consonants; vowels; consonant sounds; vowel sounds; beginning
sounds; ending sounds; beginning and ending sounds; words ending
in er; words ending in y.
32 Pages   Ages 6 to 8
Price Each: $3.50

Second Grade Scholar sharpens skills by engaging your child's natural
love of learning. This full-color workbook introduces a lively selection of
second grade language arts, math, science, and social studies
exercises. On-page activities are supplemented by additional practice
activities, jokes and riddles, vocabulary words, and fun facts
64 Pages    Ages 7 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

#3008 TIME and MONEY
Write and Reuse Workbook
Grades 1 to 2
School Zone Write & Reuse Books allow your child to practice activities
over and over. Each activity can be used to reinforce curriculum
objectives or introduce new ones. For best results, we recommend dry
erase markers that are made for use by children.
Dry Erase Markers not included.
26 Pages   Ages 6 to 8
Price Each: $4.50

Grades 2 to 3
An I Know It! Workbook
This Reading Activities Workbook 2-3 delivers carefully crafted stories,
delightful illustrations, and probing questions that will help stimulate
your child’s interest and imagination as he or she expands skills for
lifelong learning.  Skills: classifying; making inferences; finding the
main idea; predicting; drawing conclusions; picture stories; categories;
classifying; sentence completion; rhyming; sequencing; reading
comprehension; following directions.
64 Pages   Ages 7 to 9
Price Each: $4.50

An Activity Zone Workbook
This Activity Zone book is packed with crossword puzzles, games, word
searches, codes, and other fun activities.
Skills: writing; numbers; spelling; categorization; identification;
concentration logical reasoning; problem-solving; shapes; eye-hand
coordination; parts of speech; vocabulary.
64 Pages   Ages 7 Up
Price Each: $4.50

An Activity Zone Book
Simple clues give kids hints about each word as they uncover
fascinating facts, from garden flowers to galaxies. Handy reference
maps will strengthen their world geography and map-reading skills.
Skills: reading; eye-hand coordination; spelling; vocabulary; writing;
identification; comprehension; facts about everyday things; world
geography; map reading; critical thinking; focus and patience.
64 Pages   Ages 8 Up
Price Each: $4.50

An Activity Zone Workbook
In this Activity Zone book, a paragraph of information comes before
almost every puzzle. Fill-in-the-blank and other questions based on the
reading provide answers for completing the crosswords.
Skills: reading; reading comprehension; spelling; vocabulary;
64 Pages   Ages 8 UP
Price Each: $4.50